Taste the water that loves you back

Deep in the Carpathian Mountains, in a land time forgot, is a spring – where the water is perfect in every way: Naturally nitrate-free with zero sodium and natural electrolytes. It’s called AQUA Carpatica.

What are Nitrates (NO3)

The influence of men has increased level of nitrates in the world’s fresh water sources. AQUA Carpatica is the only brand in the world with naturally nitrate free mineral water.

The Carpathians, the land where waters spring organic

AQUA Carpatica comes from a land completely untouched by man, deep within the Carpathian Mountains, in Romania. An underground journey of 40 years guarantees a natural filtration process.

TV Commercial 2010

AQUA Carpatica’s launching TVC states

 that absolute purity is hard to find, not visibile, yet it exists, in the form of our naturally sparkling mineral water.

TV Commercial Spring Water 2011

AQUA Carpatica takes you back to the age of innocence:

when you were a baby and everything was naturally pure, just like our natural spring water still is.

The Water Law

AQUA Carpatica’s innovative fight to change the water law in Romania,

by asking people to sign a petition for the introduction of the nitrates concentration on bottled water labels.

The Water Law

Consumers didn’t know that nitrates were dangerous especially for small babies,

so we decided to put nitrates on the public agenda by changing the mineral water law in Romania. We fought to introduce the nitrates content on the water labels.

The Purity Test study case

With just a little strip of paper AQUA Carpatica gave people the means to test the water they drink.

The Case Study of our 2014-2015 awarded campaign with a Gold Cannes Lions and White Pencil D&AD.

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